Alchemy is governed my a trinity of three substances, Sulphur, Salt and Mercury.

The “Three Substances” are the three forms or modes of action in which the universal primordial will is manifesting itself throughout Nature, for all things are a Trinity in a Unity.

“Salt” represents the principle of corporification, the astringent and solidifying quality, or, The body; “Sulphur” represents the expansive power — the centrifugal force, in contradistinction to the centripetal motion of the first quality — it is that which “burns,” i.e. The soul / light in all things; and the “Mercury” is The Life, i.e. that principle or form of will which manifests itself as life, or consciousness and sensation.

Mecurialist is Inspired by alchemy, the de-evolution of the industrial world and the origin of species. Exploring both life and death, the light and dark.

Seeking beauty in the worn, weathered and mysterious. Mecurialist creates objects with stories to adapt along with their owners journey.

Launching in 2008 Mecurialist began it's creative journey in leather, further explorations lead us to cut our teeth on silvermithing, loving the alchemistic nature of the process, jewellery became our native medium and here we have created our collections with pleasure ever since...

Mecurialist supplies a range of wholesale retails clients, provides exclusive product development and custom design and production services.

in 2011 Mecurialist opened it's first concept store Stone Glint and Bone in South Melbourne.